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The layout is based on the NCC/GNR joint station of Antrim, Co. Antrim as it would have been circa 1938. It is based on 6” OS maps dating from that era. Further detail has been obtained from photographs (many taken by Desmond Coakham during the war years) which provide fine detail of the station area.​The LMS/NCC double line from Belfast (York Road) enters the station at the back, crosses the level crossing and proceeds onwards to Ballymena and all places north.​In the foreground we have the Great Northern branch from Belfast (Great Victoria Street) which terminated at Antrim. Due to space restrictions, one of the sidings in the yard had to be left off the layout but other than that, on photographic evidence, the end result is fairly accurate.​

Trackwork is by C & L with hand-built points. This was the society’s first endeavour into 0 gauge. The scenic section is 30’ long by 4’ 9” with a sector plate beyond.​

Antrim track plan

Suitable locomotives and rolling stock of both railway companies for the period are available to run on this layout. These include a Glover Tank, JT Tank, S Class 4-4-0 & NCC Jinty.

Control is wireless DCC using the Gaugemaster Prodigy. There is no control panel as the layout uses Cobalt digital point motors controlled from the handheld units.

Antrim photo 1
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