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Mill Road is the NDMRS version of Inglenook Sidings, a shunting challenge for operation by visitors who try to move wagons into the correct order. The layout is 8’X2’ operated from the front.

Trackwork is OO code 100 and is laid to form a head shunt and three sidings. Point control is by stud and probe.


Mill Road track plan

A Jinty or other small locomotive is used together with the operator's selection of five differently-coloured flatbed wagons.

Operators pick five coloured sticks from a group of eight in a bag. They then shunt the wagons matching their chosen colours into the correct order. The head shunt will hold one locomotive and three wagons. Siding one holds three wagons, siding two holds three wagons and siding three holds the (hopefully) completed train with five wagons to match their chosen colours.

Mill Road photo 1
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