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Cottley is a branch station with passenger, goods and cattle traffic. It is served by small tank and tender locomotives. The facilities are shared by both the WR and MR so a mix of locos can be seen. The layout is 17’6” X 1’6” with an L shaped fiddle yard of 8’.

Trackwork is OO code 75 with a head shunt for the goods shed and run around facilities for both the platform and goods locos. The turntable serves the fiddle yard and is indexed for each track.​

Cottley track plan

A Class 105 DMU, 14xx & auto coach and a 22xx with B Set provide for the passengers. Goods are hauled by a number of 22xx, 56xx and 57xx. A Dukedog and J11 can also be seen.

The layout is controlled by DCC whilst servos control the points and signals. A working bracket signal controls the entry to the platform and goods area. A starter signal controls trains leaving the station. Trains leaving the goods area and the goods run around are controlled by working ground signals. Automatic uncoupling is by Sprat and Winkle couplings and magnets.

Cottley photo 1
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